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  • Sophos Reporter (2016-06-17)

    • Added the ability to duplicate alerts in Settings | Alerts. Makes creating the same alert for different departments much easier for example.
      Duplicate Alerts
    • Added the ability to duplicate Scheduled Reports in Settings | Reports. Makes creating the same report for different departments much easier for example.
    • Newly created alerts now get added to the bottom of the Alerts list and the UI scrolls to the new alert (consistent with Settings | Reports | Scheduled Reports)
  • Sophos Reporter (2016-06-09)

    • Added support for Alert criteria operators "Does not start with", "Does not end with", and "Does not contain".
  • Sophos Reporter (2016-06-02)

    • Fixed errors that may occur when encountering URLs with blank resource strings in the logs.
  • Sophos Reporter (2016-05-27)

    • Resolving Source IPs is now only performed on records younger than 12 hours (limit is customised via the ResolveSourceHostsAgeLimit property in Settings.xml. Stop the service Fastvue Reporter service to make manual changes to this file).
  • Sophos Reporter (2016-05-27)

    • Fixed issue where users could not be selected from a pick list in the Filters interface.
    • Fixed issue where duplicate categories may appear in the 'Unknown' productivity list in Settings | Productivity
    • Improvements to data record sanity checks making automatic data storage repairs more effective.
  • Sophos Reporter (2016-05-17)

    • Added exception handling around host lookup for known syslog sources. Fixes the  'No such host is known' error you may see in Settings | Sources.
    • Includes latest Site Clean updates. New entries to Domain Substitues (including Quora, Instagram and Snapchat),  and Junk URLs.
    • Fixed GetSourceIPList API. 
  • Sophos Reporter (2016-05-05)

    • Fixed issue where alerts with criteria based on Records, Session Time, Browsing Time were not firing.
  • Sophos Reporter (2016-04-29)

    • LDAP import errors shown in the UI are now also logged in the Dashboard.log file.
    • Fixed issues displaying example data in Alert Evidence table when creating alerts.
  • Sophos Reporter (2016-04-21)

    • Source IPs are now resolved to hostnames on import. ‚ÄčIf an authenticated username is logged, Fastvue Reporter will display their AD display name in reports. Otherwise it will display the resolved IP, or the original IP if it cannot be resolved.
    • Added autodetection of syslog traffic on UDP 514. When adding a source, any server sending UDP 514 traffic is available in a drop down list.
    • Added new Source Host field to use in Report filters and Alerts.
    • New API: System.FlushCaches() - Flushes resolved IPs out of all registered caches.
  • Sophos Reporter (2016-04-14)

    • Test email function now correctly uses the 'From' address as specified in your Email Settings.
    • Fixed column width issue in Activity Reports.
    • LDAP import should no longer cause "Failed to log entry" errors when the directory entity being searched has a GUID in its FQDN.

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