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  • Sophos Reporter RC (2015-03-19)

    • Performance optimizations around the Site Clean calculations
    • Added 'Warn' to the auto complete values for 'Action'.
    • Added auto complete values for the new 'Warn rules'.
    • Added fake sample data for Referrer fields, UTM Name and UTM IP (used in Alert evidence configuration)
    • Fixed issue that preventing an open report from being scheduled.
    • Fixed ajax error that presents when configuring email settings from the Dashboard or Reports tab.
    • You can now enter more than one email address to send an 'in progress' report to. The option to enter another address reappears after 4 seconds.
    • Beautified the report and alert notification emails. Mobile friendly too!
  • Sophos Reporter RC (2015-03-13)

    • Installer file now installs _ and p directories to the website. Permissions can be set to these folders in addition to the ajax.ashx file to allow specific users to view private reports links.
    • Fixed issue where the UI did not show the configured email address when editing Scheduled Reports using Internet Explorer.
  • Sophos Reporter RC (2015-03-10)

    Sophos Reporter 2.0 Release Candidate (RC)
    • Fixed issue where removing filters from the report popover dialog sometimes didn't remove the filter from the new report.
    • Filters on size fields now correctly parse floating point values (e.g. 1.5MB -> 1572864), and handles commas for locales where comma is used as the decimal mark.
    • Dashboard now reloads the page after 6 hours of inactivity. Resolves browser memory issues when leaving the dashboard open for long periods of time (such as in large Ops Center monitors).
    • Dashboard page now includes #anchors in the URL that take you to the correct dashboard on page load (e.g. /dashboard.aspx#bandwidth).
    • Fixed issue that stopped an alert from working when its settings were modified in Settings | Alerts. This has the side effect of dismissing all existing alerts for a given alert when its settings are modified. Editing an existing alert now informs the you that changing an Alert's settings will dismiss any existing alerts that have already been triggered with the old settings, and asks if you would like to continue.
    • Lightened the colour of column headings in the dashboard and reports to better distinguish them from the content.
    • The currently active navigation tab (Dashboard/Reports/Alerts/Settings) now highlights again.
    • Fixes a issue with the 'test email' function reporting that the email was successful when a valid domain name is specified, but no mail server is running on that domain.
    • Prerequisite installation failure on Server 2012 now displays an appropriate error message and aborts installation.
    • Installer now looks at all website bindings to determine best possible default URL for start menu shortcut.
    • Installer now remembers last website selected.
    • Reporter now uses the URL generated by the installer for the start menu shortcut as the default public URL, substituting localhost for the local host name.
    • When IIS has no websites configured, installer now warns user that there are no websites in IIS rather than displaying a "List index out of bounds" error. 
  • Sophos Reporter BETA (2015-03-03)

    • Fixed JSON parse error that may occur when running reports.
    • The currently generating report no longer hijacks the UI with the spinning Fastvue logo pre-loader when trying to opening an existing report, or trying to generate a new one.
    • Activity Reports show real user from Active Directory instead of logged authenticated username when available. Otherwise Source IP is displayed.
    • Improved Installer trace log error handling. 
    • Updated Factory Domain Substitutes and Junk URLs
    • Renamed "Firewall Server" to "UTM Name" and "Firewall Server IP" to "UTM IP".
    • FileNotFoundException import errors now only add one notification if a file goes missing, rather than spamming notifications.
    • Changed the second series on the Top Users bandwidth dashboard widget to Origin Domain (result of Fastvue Site Clean)
  • Sophos Reporter BETA (2015-02-12)

    • New installs now include factory Site Clean settings by default, instead of downloading them from the Internet after install.
    • Fixed .NET dependency issue in the latest installer.
  • Sophos Reporter BETA (2015-02-11)

    • Added Firewall Server IP field. Allows filtering reports and alerts by the source UTM.
    • The Overview dashboard now shows Origin Domain (result of Fastvue Site Cleanin the Web Peak widget with the full URL available on hover.
    • Added User Agents to Overview Reports.
    • is no longer shown as the Origin Domain by the Fastvue Site Clean feature. This was being shown for file downloads scanned by Sophos UTM. 
    • All URLs categorized as "Web Ads" or "Parked Domains" are now treated as 'Junk URLs' by the Fastvue Site Clean engine.
    • Improved Origin Domain logic (result of Fastvue Site Clean)
    • Overhauled syslog gap handling logic. Fixes issues that potentially cause data duplication when filling gaps in syslog data using the UTM's remote log archive.
    • Added forced memory garbage collection at end of report processing.
    • Added a default alert to show "Content Filter Warned and Proceeded" sites. The installer will not overwrite any existing user settings, so this is only available on completely fresh installs. If you have not modified your existing alerts and want to receive this update: Stop the Fastvue Sophos Reporter service, delete the Alerts.xml file in Sophos Reporter's data location, and then install the latest Sophos Reporter build.
  • Sophos Reporter BETA (2014-02-05)

    • Fixed installer error (Unknown command --remove-service)
  • Sophos Reporter BETA (2014-01-30)

    • Fixed issue where single-record alerts (where time window is set to 0 hours, 0 minutes 0 seconds) included previous records to calculate size totals.
    • Alert emails should no longer be occasionally sent out with empty tables when the alert had previously triggered. 
    • Installer preserve existing IIS settings, such as permissions set on files or folders in the Reporter website.
    • The Top User widget in Overview Reports now uses Origin Domain (result of Fastvue Site Clean) as the second key (shown when hovering over the chart).
    • Fixed issue preventing existing email addresses being displayed when editing scheduled reports.
    • Fixed a typo in the filter for Sophos UTM's search terms widget.
  • Sophos Reporter BETA (2015-01-30)

    • Fixed Sources | View Issues dialog.
    • Changed 'Top Site' Widget in Overview Reports to use Origin Domain (result of Fastvue Site Clean) instead of Site Domain
    • Fixes 404 on PrivateReport.aspx when accessing a report via /p/.
  • Sophos Reporter BETA (2015-01-29)

    • First release of 3.0 platform.
    • Added Fastvue Site Clean technology.
    • User-configurable domain substitution system.
    • User-configurable junk URL system.
    • Added exporter framework with CSV export capability.
    • Added private report sharing via /p/ folder.
    • Bug fixes.

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