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  • Sophos Reporter (2014-02-28)

    • Fixed issue where switching from demo data to a real data source would produce blank reports for the current day.  
    • Fixed the alignment of Activity and Overview Report buttons in the popover/tip window when viewed in Chrome on MacOS
    • Share report by email button now indicates when the send is in progress
  • Sophos Reporter (2014-02-21)

    • Alert's with Category or Productivity columns in the Alert Evidence table no longer display System.String[] in the alert Emails.
  • Sophos Reporter (2014-02-20)

    • Removed diagnostic log creation in mid-tier (IIS)
  • Sophos Reporter (2014-02-20)

    • Fixed issues causing high CPU usage from the Fastvue Sophos Reporter service.
    • Fixed issues causing the W3WP.exe (IIS Process) to consume a large amount of memory
    • Alerts tab now group's by Alert name by default 
    • Fixed Alert Count being off by one in each alert group header 
  • Sophos Reporter (2014-02-13)

    • Alerts engine no longer processes records older than 48 hours. Prevents alerts being fired during the importing of historical data.
  • Sophos Reporter (2014-02-12)

    • Installer logs exceptions during termination of service processes.
    • Licensing page no longer hides status messages received from the licensing server.
  • Sophos Reporter (2014-02-11)

    First General Availability (GA) Release! 

    • Fix: Trailing backslashes on the historical log folder no longer prevent a Sophos Source from being added.
    • Fix: Productivity and Category based Alerts are now raised correctly. 
    • Fix: Improved the performance of the 'Test Connection' function when editing Sources in Settings | Sources.

  • Sophos Reporter (2014-02-10)

    • Settings | Sources now shows a notification when no syslog traffic has been received for more than 1 minute.
    • If no syslog traffic is received for longer that 1 minute, a gap is registered which will be filled when the historical log becomes available (usually just after midnight).
  • Sophos Reporter (2014-02-05)

    • Fixed gzip import issues that may result in gzip logs being reimported after service restarts.
    • Records per second counter in Settings | Sources is more accurate.
    • Installer allows for the service to close cleanly before updating the application.
    • Adding a source when a "Demo Mode" source exists no longer crashes the service.
    • Web Filter Log records with "id=0003" lines are no longer imported (Category updates, Sophos control messages etc)

    • Reworked the Web Protection dashboard to include Filter Profiles and viruses.
    • "Add Source" UI and Start page no longer includes 'Import directly from Sophos UTM' option
    • "Edit Source" UI only displays 'Import directly from Sophos UTM' option if a source is already using that import method, or if "AllowAPIMode" is true (AllowAPIMode can be set with the following URL: http://sophosreportersite/ajax.ashx?f=Sophos.SetAllowAPIMode&enabled=true - replace with your actual site)
    • Demo mode now populates protocols correctly.
    • Fixed 'Blocked Categories' section in Overview and User Overview Reports.
    • Other minor report widget changes/fixes.
  • Sophos Reporter (2014-01-30)

    • Engine
    • Import performance improvements
    • Improvements to data stability
    • Improved error handling when importing directly from Sophos UTM.
    • Increased the frequency that Sophos Reporter checks for new log files when importing historical logs from a Log Folder.
    • Fixed Report Display issues in IE8 (Pie charts do not display in IE8. We recommend IE9 or above)
    • Added Filter Actions to Overview Reports (modified Proxy Profile section)
    • Sophos Reporter will no longer import packet filter logs. Only Web Filter logs are currently imported.
    • Fixed issue where the Report popover dialog hangs around too long after selecting to run an Overview or Activity Report, affecting the display of the new report.
    • Improved the data used in "Demo Mode"
    • Added Getting Started link to installer launcher.

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