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  • Sophos Reporter (2015-01-07)

    • Improved logic of Productivity widgets in Dashboard.
    • Added 'Uncategorized Sites' section to the 'Web Protection' section in Overview reports.
  • Sophos Reporter (2015-01-06)

    • Productivity Dashboard Widgets now filter on Productivity = Unassigned rather than the incorrect 'Uncertain'.
    • New API; Reports.CreateScheduledReports(date, schedules). Usage;  {{endpoint}}Reports.CreateScheduledReports&date=20141202&schedules=Weekly
      {{endpoint}} is http://yoursite/ajax.ashx?f=
      date= {{any date within the desired schedule in yyyymmdd format}}
      ​schedules= {{Weekly / Monthly / Daily}}
  • Sophos Reporter (2014-10-23)

    • Editing/Saving a scheduled report no longer disables the monthly schedule.
    • Fixes to Alert processing logic.
  • Sophos Reporter (2014-10-10)

    • Directory import no longer imports null or blank sAMAccountName entries into security groups.
    • Security group lookup builder no longer attempts to build for null entries.
    • New API: Organization.GetUserSecurityGroupMembership(user) - Gets the list of security groups a user is a member of.  Usage http://yoursophosreportersite/ajax.ashx?f=Organization.GetUserSecurityGroupMembership&User=Joe%20Bloggs​
  • Sophos Reporter (2014-10-08)

    • Improved the way Sophos Reporter retrieves the domain name
    • Fixed an issue where Security Group reports were not finding users that had a domain prefix in the log file.
  • Sophos Reporter (2014-09-20)

    • Fixed Bandwidth over time chart labels when reporting on more than one day.
    • Added new semantics (fields): Year, Month, Day, Weekday, and Hour. New semantics allow filters to remove non-work days and hours. For example:
      Weekday 'Equal to' Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
      Hour 'Not equal to' 12  (removes the entire hour of 12pm to 1pm).
    • Year is not filterable, as this can be selected via the Date Pickers when running reports. 
    • Domain extractor now ignores any trailing dot and extracts the domain correctly. E.g. (notice the trailing '.') would appear as .com in the top sites list.
    • Filters are now case-insensitive for the following operators; Equals, NotEqual, StartsWith, EndsWith, NotStartsWith, NotEndsWith, Contains, NotContains. E.g filtering on Site Domain Equal to '' (notice the capital 'F') would not return any results
  • Sophos Reporter (2014-08-01)

    Improved diagnostic logging to help troubleshoot syslog events.

    You can now enable "Loquacious" logging level - More verbose than verbose!™ to log all received syslog messages.

    This logging level will grow the Dashboard.log quickly and significantly, therefore this option is only available via the API.

    To enable Loquacious logging enter the following URL into the address bar of your browser.

    Replace <yourSophosReporterSite> with the actual server name and virtual directory name (if applicable) of your Fastvue Sophos Reporter site. You should see the message:
    {"Status": 0, "Data": "Loquacious"}

    The Dashboard.log will now contain all log syslog messages including whether the data was successfully loaded to a 'Fastvue' record or not. It is not recommended to keep this logging level active. Go to Settings | Diagnostic to restore the logging level to 'Notice' once you have collected enough log data to troubleshoot the problem.
  • Sophos Reporter (2014-07-17)

    Fixed issue preventing Sophos Reporter from being run on a non-standard web port.
  • Sophos Reporter (2014-06-14)

    • Added new fields for Security Groups (imported from Active Directory), Mime Types, Search Terms, Filenames and File Extensions. You can filter reports and alerts by any of these fields, as well as add them to Alert Evidence tables.
    • Added "Delete Multiple Reports" functionality to Settings | Reports.
    • Settings | Data Storage now includes data usage statistics and chart.
    • Added Reprocess / Retry failed reports functionality.
    • Improved license key validation.
    • Session Time, Browsing Time and Date/Time can no longer be selected in report filters (not supported).
    • Various LDAP improvements.
  • Sophos Reporter (2014-04-09)

    • Fixed port conflict issue preventing import from multiple syslog sources
    • User specified custom LDAP port is now honoured in connection.
    • Engines no longer prevent application from terminating if the engine has failed.

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