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Blank Reports

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2015 04:34PM PDT
Sometimes, you may generate a report in Sophos Reporter that comes back blank. If this occurs, here are some troubleshooting steps that may help.

1. Check Your Filters
Is there a chance that the filter you are using is not matching any data? For example, this filter will never match any data:
User 'Equal to' John
User 'Equal to' Sarah

Instead you should use this:
User 'Equal to' John, Sarah
(treated as John OR Sarah)

This filter will also never match:
Site 'Equal to'

as 'Site' expects a sub-domain such as

Instead you should use:
Site Domain 'Equal to'

Or alternatively:
Site 'Contains'

Also be careful of the dreaded typo:
Site Domain 'Equal to'

2. Reporting on older Dates
Another reason for blank reports is if you're reporting on a date range that has been purged from Sophos Reporter due to the retention policy in Settings | Data Storage | Settings (default is 90 days of 50 GB, whichever comes first).

To check, go Settings | Data Storage to see what dates you actually have available to report on. 

3. Unauthenticated Users

Fastvue Reporter integrates with Active Directory to match user objects in AD with authenticated usernames in the web filter log data.

If you select a user that has not created any authenticated traffic through Sophos UTM, the report will come back blank. The same is true when reporting on other Active Directory objects that cannot be matched to authenticated usernames in the log data (such as Departments and Security Groups).

‚ÄčTo check, run an unfiltered Overview Report and go to the Top Users sections of the report. If you only see IP addresses, then no users are authenticating. 

If you know the user's IP address, you can run a report on Source IP 'Equal to' <IP Address> instead. Likewise, you can run reports on Subnets by selecting Source IP 'In Subnet' (replace with desired subnet).

Otherwise, ensure your users are authenticating with Sophos UTM for all their web browsing activity, to ensure their activity is logged and reported on appropriately.


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