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Recategorizing Websites in Sophos UTM

Last Updated: Sep 13, 2016 08:09PM PDT
You can customize Fastvue Sophos Reporter's productivity Settings by going to Settings | Productivity.  Simply drag drop the Sophos web categories onto the desired productivity list and click Save Productivity Settings in the top right.

However, overriding the way a website gets categorized needs to be done in Sophos UTM itself. To do this (v9.2):
1. Login to Sophos UTM and go to Web Protection | Filtering Options | Websites
2. Click Add Site
3. Enter the website you want to change and select the Category that you want to assign it to (Note: you cannot create your own custom categories unfortunately).
4. Click Save.
Sophos UTM Category Overrides

Any future browsing to that site will be categorized appropriately, and shown in the correct productivity section in Fastvue Sophos Reporter.

You can also suggest an alternative categorization for a site to the categorization database that Sophos UTM uses. To do this:
  1. Go to
  2. Select the McAfee SmartFilter XL product
  3. Enter the site you would like to check or recategorize and click Check URL
  4. The next page displays the current category for the site and provides options to suggest an alternative.
Be aware that Categorization works on the entire URL, and Fastvue Sophos Reporter often only shows the domain (in Overview Reports and the Live Dashboards). For example may be categorised as Malicious Sites which on the surface may not seem accurate. However if the full URL is actually, then the reason for the categorization is obvious.

The Fastvue Site Clean engine may also add some confusion here. For example, we found an instance where was showing as 'Malicious Sites'. But it was (the CDN used by pandora) that Sophos UTM was categorizing as Malicious Sites (a re-categorization request for this site has been submitted to Trusted Source above).

You can find the full URLs and how they're being categorized by running Activity Reports in Fastvue Sophos Reporter. For example:
  1. Go to Reports | Activity Report and select the filter:
    URL 'Contains'
  2. The report will show all browsing sessions to URLs that contain that keyword. Click the rows in the report to expand the browsing sessions and view the full URLs and URL Categories.

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