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Moving Sophos Reporter To Another Server

Last Updated: Mar 05, 2014 01:22AM PST
If you need to move Sophos Reporter to another server, and you would like to keep your existing data and reports, please follow these instructions.

1. Deauthorize your License Key

If you have registered Sophos Reporter with a valid license key, you will need to first deauthorize the key so it can be used on your new server. To do this:
  • Go to Settings | Licenses
  • Click Edit License Keys
  • Remove the key(s) from the list
  • Click Save License Keys.
If you are not able to deauthorize your key(s) (e.g. due to a server failure), please contact Fastvue Support to reset the key.

2. Copy the Data Location

By default, Sophos Reporter stores its data in C:\ProgramData\Fastvue\Sophos Reporter unless you changed this during installation.  You can find your data location by going to Settings | Data Storage.

Copy this folder onto your new server. Make sure you copy it to a drive that has enough disk space to accommodate the data retention policy specified in Settings | Data Storage.

3. Update the Syslog Server in Sophos UTM

When you first set up Sophos Reporter, you add the Sophos Reporter machine as a syslog server in Sophos UTM (Logging and Reporting | Log Settings | Remote Syslog Server). Update this syslog server to the new Sophos Reporter machine name or IP address.

4. Install Sophos Reporter

Ensure your new server meets Sophos Reporter's recommended requirements, and install the latest version of Sophos Reporter by downloading from

During the installation, after you have selected the site to install to, you are asked to specify Sophos Reporter's data location. This should default to C:\ProgramData\Fastvue\Sophos Reporter. Change this to the folder you copied the previous install's data location to (see step 2 above).

​5. Test

You should now be able to browse to your new Sophos Reporter site on the new server. Go to the Sources page and check that Sophos Reporter is importing records from your Sophos UTM (give this a minute or two).

Check other settings such as Settings | Email, and Settings | Data Storage to ensure everything is set correctly. Go to Reports and click 'Show Existing Reports' to ensure your previous reports were copied across. 

7. License 

Before the 30 day trial expires, make sure you apply your license key in Settings | Licenses.

If you have any trouble, or would like assistance migrating your software, please contact Fastvue Support.

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